Interior Design Fair’s mission is to create innovative designs that are smart, inspired, and uniquely you. It’s also our goal to be a great design firm, not just great designers, as your experience with us matters just as much as the final product. Here’s what makes us different:


We are a team, not a personality-driven firm with an eponymous founder. That’s because we believe that collaboration and fresh ideas produce inspired results. Our team-based approach gives clients more one-on-one time with their designer and dedicated staff to ensure a smooth and transparent design process. It also ensures that your design looks like you, not like one of us.


We are focused on maximizing your value, not just the dollars you spend. We take pride in our ability to create design solutions that are both stylish and sensible. We keep your project on budget by assigning tasks across our team appropriately, so you pay only for the level of help you need. We also aim to be at the leading edge of technology-driven solutions that ensure efficiency and ease.

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